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Sonlight’s Minor Hastle Major Blessing, BCAT, aka Hastle is such a beautiful and talented girl.  So fun to train, she lives to retrieve and run as fast as she can.  She’s quick and agile and loves to please.  The first two photos below are Hastle at the 2019 WLRC Specialty where she placed 4th in Open Bitches Conformation Class.  The next 3 photo’s are her AKC Fast Cat events.  This girl loves to run!! The first two video links are at the 2019 WLRC AKC Specialty.  The next video is her running her fastest Fast Cat time. The fourth video is Hastle at the UKC Nationals Specialty where she won her class and placed 4th in Winners Bitch.  The last video is Breeze and Hastle playing tug…these two just love to play together!!

Hastle Ribbon WLRC 2019

Our wonderful friend Joy Richardson showed Hastle to her perfection!!

Hastle’s B-Cat Title Photo October 2019

Hastle LOVES Fast Cat!

Hastle B-Cat Title Ribbons

Hastle WLRC

Hastle WLRC 2

Fast Cat Run Oct 4 2019 Best Time

UKC Specialty

Hastle Breeze Tug

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