Sonlight After The Snow Storm

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Sonlight After The Snow Storm




We waited for many years for this puppy.   When our Stormy (Ch Sonlight’s Snow Storm, TDI, CGC, CD) was in his prime we collected and froze his sperm.  Our friends Jen and Ryan Hornyak bred their beautiful Master Hunter Cricket, Stormy’s granddaughter. We were thrilled and to be entrusted with Breeze from that breeding, a puppy to eventually breed back to Stormy. After Breeze passed her clearances and had one litter we surgically implanted her with the last of Stormy’s sperm.  She conceived 4 puppies but sadly lost 3 so sweet Sunny was the only surviving puppy. Sunny is the only great, great, granddaughter from this wonderful breeding to Stormy and she didn’t disappoint! Not only is she lovely, she’s so much fun!  We’re glad to share with you her life’s history so far.

Sunny Retrieves 5 Weeks 1 Day Old

Sunny 5 Weeks 3 Days

Sunny Retrieving 6 Weeks

Sunny 6 Weeks Retrieveing

March 21 2021 Having Fun!

Isn’t Sunny adorable??!!

Retrieving at our friends Earl and Pat Thomas

Retrieving 10-26-21

In the field October 26, 2021

Earl Sunny 10 26 2021

Earl Sunny 2 10 26 2021

Looking lovely December 6, 2021

Learning to stand properly for the ring. December 6, 2021

My all time favorite Sunny photo! Number 1 is our wonderful daughter-in-law. Number 2 is our granddaughter. Number 3 is Sunny. Number 4 is our grandson’s arm and number 5 is the other grandson’s foot. They were having a blast!!

Kitchen Playing 3-4-22

More Kitchen Playing 3-4-22

Gus wares Sunny out!!! Naughty Gus Gus!!!

Sit Before Going Thru A Door 3-4-22

Playing With Gus 3-5-22

Always love sitting at Dad’s feet.




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