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Our August 16, 2010 Third Annual CERF Clinic was relocated to Forest City Dog Training Club.  Dr. Daniel Betts drove in from Ames, Iowa this year to offer his services to a total of 37 dogs.  Our numbers were down this year and we appreciate everyone being so patient as we waited for Dr. Betts.  Keeping up with good eye health is really important.  Last year Dr. Bistner noticed that Stormy has a melanoma in his right eye.  As long as it doesn’t break through the layer surrounding the eye it will never be a problem.  It’s not only about the PRA testing, it’s about total eye health.


Dr. Betts talks to Ann about her beautiful lab. We like to tease Sarah about her “labradoodle” which is actually a beautiful Curly Coated Retriever.


Mary drove in from the Milwaukee area for our clinic.  Sarah and those adorable Corgi’s are patiently waiting their turn while Kelly is busy filling out paperwork.  Dr. Betts diagnosed and treated an ulcer on one of Sarah’s Corgi’s eye.


Michaela and Ann waiting their turn at the eye clinic.  Rick, Sandi and Maureen find this to be an nice time to spend catching up.

Dr. Steven Bistner was our guest on May 12, 2009 from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm for our second annual CERF Eye Clinic.  Here’s some photo’s from last years clinic:

Not only is the eye clinic important to detect evidence of PRA, other conditions that are present will have a better chance of successful treatment with early detection.


Some breeds require eye testing as puppies.


Eye clearances are an important part of any sound breeding program.


Dr. Bistner clears this Lab and explains how to complete the registration with CERF.  Sue Mayborne shows off one of her beautiful puppies.


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