Sonlight Foster Care Program

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Sonlight’s unique foster and breeding partners program allows us to provide families with exceptional family quality puppies without compromising our very high standards of care and socialization for our Sonlight dogs. Our foster and breeding partners are trusted friends and families that treat our Sonlight Labradors as part of their loving families.  Joy’s first litter:











Dams, sires, select pups, and litters  are raised by and living with our foster and breeding partners.  These dogs and pups are our litter favorites that we consider our very best quality by our 30 years of experience evaluating temperament, conformation, health clearances and pedigrees. Our foster families and breeding partners provide excellent nutrition and day to day vet care while giving our pups and dogs a chance to live in a loving home environment with their families. These dogs will return to Sonlight for raising pups or to sire a litter as needed, then to return to their family where they will ultimately enjoy their retirement. This is the best possible situation for Sonlight to maintain our superior genetics while keeping a smaller number of dogs in a kennel environment. We are very proud of our foster and breeding partners program. Please contact us for more information if you are interested in participating. If you are interested in our program we ask that you live no further than 4 hours away from our Rockford, Illinois location.

Lena is on the left and Livy on the right.  All three of these beauties are in our Foster Care Program.  Contact us if you are interested in being considered for this program.

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